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Update on 24 February 2023

Payment policy

This policy is designed to help you understand the payment policy of Notes Ocean.

We are a platform that allows students and teachers to upload notes and share them with their friends.

our payment system and distribution system is based on the principle of views per page

Payment processing

We will process your payment as soon as you make the withdrawal request. We will not hold any money on our account. We will not be able to process your payment if we do not have the funds. We will not be able to process your payment if you do not have the funds in your account.

Payment distribution

We will distribute the students and teachers who have uploaded the notes.we will distribute the payment directly to the bank account and UPI according to your location. Minimum withdrawal limit will be Rs.50 and no maximum.

Earning calculation

Estimate a note page view per user.
if a user views a note page then the uploader will earn 0.10 rupees per view and 0.20 rupees per like per user.other pages will view will not calculate for earning like profile, collections pages.

Payment gateway

we will use the payment gateway to process your payment.

we will use various payment getaways according to your country and region. we will look best payment gateways to send your earnings to your bank account or wallet. The processing fee of your payment is accordingly to our partner payment gateways that will deduct from your account

Payment foreign policy

Currently we are operating in India only.

if you are from other countries then you can use our service but you will not able to withdraw your earnings.