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Copyright policy

Copyright Act 1957.

When work is not deemed to be published or performed in public. —Except in relation to infringement of copyright, a work shall not be deemed to be published or performed in public, if published, or performed in public, without the licence of the owner of the copyright.

We Notes Ocean don't allow any types of copied material that are available on the internet or in physical forms.

All users are strictly prohibited to upload any copyrighted content in private notes or public notes

All users should follow the copyright policy , if any user uploads any copyrighted content then the user will be blocked from the platform.

Fair uses policy

The doctrine of fair use is an exception to the law that usually protects any material that is considered copyrighted under the Indian Copyright Act, 1957. It is a very thin line between a legitimate and bona fide fair use of a work from a mala fide and a blatant copy of the work.


If you find any content that is not fair use then please report to us at here